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Interact with fellow outdoor enthusiasts without fear of censorship by traditional social media and free from criticism by extremists opposed to the harvesting of wild animals. Increase your enjoyment of the outdoors by benefitting from an open exchange of ideas and successes shared by fellow members.

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In the coming months we will begin monthly giveaways for our members consisting of hunting trips, fishing trips, gear and the like. We anticipate monthly prize values to be in the $5,000 to $10,000 range each month!

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Refer friends to our site and earn merch coins for each new member that joins from your referral. Use those merch coins toward the purchase of WildPursiut branded items in our online store. It’s easy to do and merch coins can add up quickly.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Personal Memberships can access the “email invites” feature from the drop down under their username when logged in. They will earn 1 merch coin equal to $1.00 for each referred person that becomes a member. This will be rewarded for
the first year of the membership only.

Professional Memberships can utilize this same method but will also be supplied with a unique link to share more widely among their circle of influence. They will earn $1.00 for the first year and every year that a referred member renews their membership.

Each month the prize being given away will be announced and featured on the site or app. Members will earn badges for their participation such as starting a post, commenting on a post, liking a post, completing their member profile, etc.

Every badge earned will be an entry into the drawing up to a specified maximum each month. We have already begun discussions with some awesome outfitters for these prizes and anticipate most of the trips to be for the winner and up to 3 friends.

All information in each member’s profile is searchable. For instance, you can start a group for Bow fishermen in Alaska and invite all members who indicated that they like to bow fish and who reside in Alaska. Perhaps you want to connect with other ladies who like to Alligator hunt. Simply search for them and send out a connection invite. The possibilities are endless.

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